Friday, April 24, 2009

List of Online Community Managers Inside the Enterprise

I just ran across a terrific resource related to online community management. List of Social Computing Strategists and Community Managers for Enterprise Corporations 2008 –Social Media Jobs and Professionals It's in an invaluable, insightful blog, Web Strategy, by Jeremiah Owyang, who I would certainly cite as a thought-leader in social media. He also happens to work for Forrester Research, but this is his independent blog, not Forrester's.

Jeremiah started his list in 2008 and asked people to leave a comment if they wanted to be included in it. He also spelled out the specific requirements for being included in the list, thus adding value to it, since he vets all the submissions -- nice! I immediately wanted to sign up, since I'm a community manager.

But, sadly, I don't qualify :-(

Jeremiah's list is for external-facing community managers, and in his selection criteria he makes it clear that those of us serving internal communities won't be included. But, he made this offer:
If you do not meet the requirements to meet this list, you can create your own, and I’ll prominently link to it.
OK, Jeremiah, I accept your offer. I'm creating my own list, borrowing heavily from the excellent model you've created, and this list is for internal community managers only (since you've already got a great list for the external community managers).

So, to get included in this list, leave a comment on this post and make sure you follow and meet all of these requirements (lifted in part from Jeremiah's).

  1. This is your current job even if you have a variation on the title –you are not a consultant. It's okay if you wear other hats, as well, but one of your official roles is responsibility for managing an online community within your organization.
  2. Provide verifiable references: your title, organization, industry and a link to your blog/profile/linkedin that indicates your role and title, and/or perhaps a post that announced your title or intentions.
The Reason for this List
Community managers know better than most people the value of social networking. This list is intended to serve as a resource to help connect managers of internal online communities (i.e., staff/employees within an organization) with each other. It's also intended to become an exhibit of the large number and wide variety of organizations that are using social media software internally and recognizing the value of cultivating online communities within the enterprise.

Ongoing List of Online Enterprise Community Managers
Bill Chamberlin, HorizonWatch Community Manager, IBM
Ted Hopton, Wiki Community Manager, United Business Media

Now, don't leave me hanging here! Comment below to get added to the list, or send this along to someone you know who should be on it.


Jeremiah Owyang said...

Thanks for doing this! As promised, I linked to this from my original post.

whchamb said...

Hey Ted thanks for taking the initiative here. There are so many of us leading internal communities and we end up working just as hard (or perhaps harder) to grow and sustain these internal communities.

I have led a community of around 1800 IBMers for about 9 years now called HorizonWatch. Our focus is on discussing and sharing insights on emerging trends, technologies and business issues.

Earlier this year, I started a similar group on LinkedIn called . HorizonWatching.

Bill Chamberlin, HorizonWatch Community Manager, IBM

Ted Hopton said...

Thanks, Jeremiah -- appreciate it, and thanks again for the idea!

Bill, glad to hear from you and to have you join this list. I just joined your HorizonWatching group, too, and look forward to exploring the resources there. I'm well aware IBM has been doing tremendous work with internal communities and am happy to have a contact now with whom to follow up :-)

Daniel Rae said...

A bit late, but...

Web Community Champion, Gael Ltd